Am facut un test de personalitate pe web. Interesati de rezultatele mele?

“Hello , please find here below your color
choices for the day
(adica astea sunt culorile alese de mine) :

Today :

You are experiencing an active phase (la PC adica) and you
have a project which shall open you to others and invite you
to share (blog? nu cred).

It entices you to search for quality in your life (adevarat) as

well as in your exchanges with others. (hmmm)

Tomorrow :

You will experience a new start in life accompanied by
introspection and interrogation and perhaps forgiveness.
(nuu! nu iert pe nimeni >:) poate forgetfulness :)) )

Your strongest point today :

You are currently showing a great energy and a strong
determination to achieve your goals. (yep, corect)
You are currently driven by your capacity to lead others and
make them react, as well by your creativity and the importance
you give to your own ideas. (huh? No way!)
You can also rely on your natural energy, your desire to build

and your ability to motivate others, as well as your ability to
lead, your natural charisma and your enthusiasm. (my natural


Your best quality as of today is (am asa ceva !?):
Your ability to take matters into your own hands.
(m-am inrosit)

Today, your ability to be self determined seems to be among
the highest 6%. (din cei care au facut testul asta, right?
adica persoane neimportante)
Your ongoing project represents a major importance for you,
as well as you are a leader and you know how to make things
Your ability to make things move forward is mainly supported
by your capacity to lead others and make them react, and also
by your creativity and
the importance you give to your own ideas.

Your second best quality as of today is :
Your charisma and your sense of communication.
(wow, pacat ca e doar astazi)

Today, your communication skills seem to be invested at the
level of the highest 25%. (adica sunt fix la 25%, da’ zic si ei asa
– esti in primii 25%)
You are currently experiencing happiness and ‘joie de vivre’, as
well as you have the ability to communicate and convince.
At this time, your sense of communication is mainly supported
by your great energy capable of changing things, and also by
your feeling of new start in life and the energy it brings you.

A suggestion :

Don’t forget to indulge. (m-a intrebat o verisoara daca eu stau
vreodata asa si nu fac nimic; nu; pe de alta parte nu stiu cat
de mult se pune sa stai la PC)
Set aside some free time in your agenda so you can relax.

(no way)
Build a cosy environment for yourself. (nooooooooo)
Don’t forget you are the most important person in the world
and your emotions
deserve to be respected. (asta da, corect)

Your dominating color (le-a luat mult sa o aleaga, doar
am ales-o de doua ori la rand;
oricum, se asorteaza cu blogul si cu bluza din avatar):

Hello , here is a color that represents your
dominating emotion at the moment.
This color is based on 1 tests
(adica e foarte relevant, clar)
among those you have taken
(all tests are not taken in consideration here).
It shall be modified during your next trials “

Am aflat de test de pe blogul Anei:

Mersi, Ana. :D

PS: Hai sa va recomand si eu un test. :))

Va dati seama ca eu nu pot recomanda un test tipic, nu ? :)

Cautam eu intr-o buna :) zi pe Internet dupa termenii:
color test
la Google. M-a atras link-ul de la rezultatul numarul 9
(adica e foarte sus)
in lista cu rezultatele posibile. Fac click si am dat peste
cel mai amuzant, la misto/caterinca test pe care l-am
dat online.

V-am stricat surpriza ca sa nu risc sa va stric ziua.
Daca nu va place umorul un pic sadic, nu faceti click.

Eu cand l-am citit m-am stricat de ras.

Deci testul de mai jos este destul de agresiv in limbaj si un
pic rautacios, dar eu am citit toate raspunsurile: [atentie! test agresiv]
Ca sa cititi rapid toate variantele de raspuns, dupa ce va
afiseaza rezultatele faceti click pe “Second Opinion” de mai
multe ori si cititi la fiecare situatie in patru.
Sunt vreo 4 texte pentru primul paragraf, al doilea si al treilea,
dar le amesteca, adica trebuie sa faceti click de mai mult de
patru ori ca sa obtineti rezultatele.

Nu uitati sa dati “Second Opinion”, aflati multe variante asa.

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